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Instantly improve your game and restore each and every golf club with the field-proved nU Sharpener by Wedge Guys. Featuring…

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Instantly improve your game and restore each and every golf club with the field-proved nU Sharpener by Wedge Guys.
Featuring a Maximum Spin Guarantee, the nU Groove Sharpener is a tool that should be in every golfer’s bag! The nU Groove Sharpener is made from the highest quality metals in the USA and treated to ensure your nU Groove golf club restoration tool lasts and restores your clubs for years to come. In fact, the tip of the sharpener is made of hardened and heat treated steal.
While you may not turn into Tiger Woods or Arnold Palmer overnight, the nU Groove will be sure to keep your clubs in tip top shape and ensure you perform your best every time you hit the golf course.
The Wedge Guys nU Groove Sharpener is a premium product and goes through rigorous testing to ensure you receive a better spin every time.

• Sleek and Stylish 4″ Aluminum Handle with Cross Hatch Grip.
• Sharpener Tip is Heat Treated to Gain 9/10 Hardness.
• PGA Professional Approved & Conforms to USGA Regulations.
• Restores Any Golf Club to Improve Spin and Overall Golf Game.
• Includes Instructions and Protective End Cap for Portability.
• Water Proof.
• Save Money by Perfectly Sharpening your Golf Clubs in Minutes.
• 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
**Wedge Guys LLC cannot speak to the quality and materials being used by other companies selling under our listing so be sure the Groove Sharpening Tool you are purchasing is sold by Wedge Guys**

Purchase your Wedge Guys nU Groove Golf Club Groove Sharpener today for a cleaner club and better golfing experience!

nU Groove Sharpener “Premium” Golf Club Groove Sharpener ReGrooving Tool and Cleaner for Wedges & Irons Made in USA Features

  • The nU Groove Sharpener by Wedge Guys is the strongest golf club groove sharpener to clean and restore your wedges, irons, and all other golf clubs.
  • With a 4″ aluminum handle and non-slip grip, the nU Groove Sharpener is strong enough to clean the grit and gentle enough not to damage your beloved golf clubs.
  • The nU Groove Golf Club Restoring Steel is hardened to 64 on the Rockwell scale. Additionally it is heat treated to gain the hardness level necessary for golf club cleaning.
  • Legally gain higher spin levels and top performance from all of your golf clubs, including brands such as Ping, Titleist, Taylormade, Nike, Callaway, Adams, Mizuno, Cleveland, and more.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We’re pleased to be able to offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee with every Wedge Guys nU Groove Sharpener purchase. (Make sure you are purchasing from the Wedge Guys seller store to ensure quality)

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